A lead owner and local developer 

of Nordic Renewables

About us

Cloudberry Asset Management is an independent fund management company established in 2017. The company is fully partner owned, and the owners are co invested in our fund.

Cloudberry is the link between the investors and the renewable energy sector. We believe we can make a difference in the climate change. We invest in the energy transition from fossil to renewable and sustainable energy production. Our focus is investment and development of long term sustainable solutions. We seek a high degree of transparency, long-term cash flow, efficient cost structures and financial optimalisation for our investors. We consist of a highly experienced team with extensive knowledge within the fields of renewable energy and infrastructure.

Our fund

The fund is invested in a diversified portfolio of renewable production assets in the Nordics. We deliever a high degree of stability in a long-term cash flow and the fund is low correlated to traditional asset classes. The owners of Cloudberry are co-investors in the fund.

I would like to contribute to creating a Norwegian management environment of green energy production with long-term ambitions and increasing access to capital within green energy production, such as hydro, wind and solar. The time for this is now.”

Fredrik Baksaas

Chairman, Cloudberry Partner AS

I am convinced that good returns over time are conditional on sustainable development in an economic, environmental and social sense. Through my involvement in Cloudberry, I get a unique opportunity to assist “sustainable capitalists” with investments in renewable energy.

Petter Borg

Chairman, Cloudberry Asset Management AS

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