Invest in what matters

– a sustainable future

Our mission is to accelerate the clean energy revolution! We want to make a difference through sustainable investing into renewable energy solutions.

Sustainable future

Strong performance depends on responsible investments. Through our investments we seek to achive the UNs Principles for Responsible Investments. We commit to take relevant ESG principles into concideration when we evaluate projects and investments. We believe this adds value to a sustainable future for our investors and our company. 

Green Energy

Cloudberry Asset Management AS is an alternative asset manager focusing investments within development and production of renewable clean energy. Sustainability and stewardship is an integrated part of our  investment process. On behalf our investors we have invested into real assets such as wind farms and small scale hydro power plants. Our investment focus is the Nordic region, with excellent conditions for wind and hydro based energy production. We have a business model based on industrial partnerships coming from our extensive network.

Our Mission

Accelerate the clean energy revolution!


Cloudberry Asset Management is an independent fund management company established in 2017.

We are...

… the link between the investors and the renewable energy sector. 

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